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Situation: we were approached by the client who identified a tendency for clients to want a box of macaroons on a regular basis. Some of their corporate customers wanted to set up automated delivery’s for their client’s birthday’s or events.

Prescription: develop a subscription based e-commerce feature that will allow the customer to pick how often they want items delivered and how many of the items be delivered.

Method: the client’s site was built on Magento at the time so we had to work with development on integrating a open-source plugin to their existing build. A landing page, along with strategic consulting on how to package their product ensued.

Result: within 60 days the customer was successfully integrating the new subscription service throughout their sales funnel. Phone orders were directed to offering the new service online and customers had autonomy and convenience to meet their demand.

The methods and outcome was a result of Shop Sucre choosing to work with Blacksmith Digital, a full stack marketing agency.

Increased Revenue by 23% in Calendar Year 1. New Subscription Gift Box Service. Logistics & Business Development Consultation.