Project Description

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Situation: as an owner and partner in the business, we’ve been a part of the continued growth and development of this company since the early 2000’s. The need to adapt to continuing changes in technology, consumer tastes, the economy, and the evolution of purchasing behavior via Millenials has been an everpresent business challenge.

Prescription: the idea is to have a laser focus on the consumer at all times. It’s easy to fall back on new product as the pansea to stagnant sales but in the absense of informed ideation, one may fail by being creative for creativities sake.

Method: maintaining a user friendly website that helps the consumer navigate the collections and pieces. Develop a full stack digital marketing ecosystem for retail partners to support the brand in their local markets. Implementing technological advancements in tele-communications and video conferencing to reduce costs in trainging for sales professionals.

Result: a more nimble and cost effective business model that relies on social media and technology to amplify the core message with Millenials.

25 Years in Business. Innovation and Pioneering New Methods of Communication with Consumers. Leveraging Technology to Enhance Strategic Partnerships.