Project Description

Situation: the client had worked with one of our strategic partners for many years building a successful national SEO campaign but their results were plateuing. They were looking for a way to break through the steady and predictable performance.

Prescription: build on the existing SEO campaign by implementing a new content development strategy focused on Local SEO. Optimize their existing Google Ads initiative with more localized targetting.

Method: developed a localized SEO footprint by creating optimized content focused on cities that the client had already established solid presence but lagged in terms of revenue contribution. In addition, we supported the strategy with upper funnel targetted keywords to maximize the investment in content.

Result: a boost in organic non-branded keyword traffic by 8-10% and a reduction in CPC by 20%. Our strategy also lead to a meaningful profitability contribution as a result of savings and a boost in organic bookings.

Local SEO Optimization Increased Non-Branded Traffic 8-10%. Cost per Lead Decreased by 15% on $1.5 Million Year Ad Budget.

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