Michael Bogosian, MBA CEO & Founder

Michael Bogosian, the founding partner of Blacksmith Digital, has an incredible story to tell about success, tragedy, misfortune, and hope.

What makes him qualified to share his experience?

Let’s just say he hit the jackpot growing up in a family whose business was taking off like a rocket ship in the late ’90s & ’20s. Michael had a front row seat when the idea hatched in his father’s head to $10 million a year in sales in over 35 states and 10 different countries.

Why does that matter?

His experience in core areas of business like sales, product development, marketing, management, HR, accounting, and leadership was all part of the fabric that makes up his life.

Great, what can he do for me?

Michael has a gift for seeing the potential of others and helping them shine. Whenever he takes on a mentee or a coaching student, his primary goal is to listen and identify the mental and psychological blocks that are limiting their potential.

Do you feel like there’s a whole level of potential you just haven’t reached?