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  • Full Stack Digital Marketing

  • Lead Generation & Automation

  • Google Ads & Online Advertising

  • Search Engine Optimization

  • Email Marketing

  • Full Stack Web & Software Development

  • Android & iOS App Development

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It is rare to find consultants with the level of quality and productivity that Blacksmith Digital has brought to our company. I have had the pleasure of working on several projects with them, which they helped complete with outstanding success. They provided valuable insights in lead generation, Google AdWords, web development, and online marketing. They have shown superior excellence with tackling multiple projects at a time as well as continually focusing our marketing efforts in the most valuable direction for our goals. Their enthusiasm and personality brought a catalyzing motivation to any team they worked with. It has been a pleasure working with Blacksmith Digital and I would strongly recommend them to anyone looking for a results-driven online marketing consultant.

John Sanders, Founder, NUEX Creative

Blacksmith Digital recently came on board as a consultant at LocalSplash. They were hired to help us explore new strategic initiatives and develop new products and services for our customers. They demonstrated the highest level of professionalism, domain expertise, and insight when participating in the meetings while we explored new ideas. Their high levels of enthusiasm and positive energy radiated throughout the department and really helps us push these new initiatives forward. I look forward to continue working and developing a long-term professional relationship with Blacksmith Digital.

Laure Brugnoni Muller, Chief Operating Officer, Local Splash

I have worked with Blacksmith Digital on several occasions over the years. They are very knowledgable digital marketers with a diverse knowledge of digital strategy through SEO/SEM campaigns, email marketing, and other digital channels. I have mainly worked with him in the e-commerce world where they have deep expertise in the Magento platform. They bring years of experience to the table and I am continuing to work with them today.

Mike Schmidt, Project Director, Plum Tree Group

Our Proven Process Produces Results


All of our projects start with understanding and diagnosing the business problem. We take painstaking measures to truly get to the root of the issue.


Project planning and resource procurement is our next phase. If we don’t do something inhouse we reach out with our strategic partners to help get us there.


The rubber hits the road when the sites are being developed, the ads are being created, or when the insights are being drawn from our research.


Nothing we do is set it and forget it. All of our work requires careful monitoring to make sure intended or unintended events are addressed swiftly.


As with all good systems, there must be feedback look back to the beginning. We take our findings and create informed decisions to improve on what we’ve made.