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Social Media is Here to Stay

Social media can’t be ignored. It is now a part of everyday communication, and your prospects and customers are spending a lot of time on Facebook, Twitter, Linked In, and more. If you are not using social media platforms to brand your business, then you are missing out on a huge opportunity. Our social media marketing strategies enable you to engage with consumers and build your brand “socially”.


The marketing and advertising game has changed. Traditional marketing allowed companies and agencies to have control. Ad campaigns were created and executed, but there was little opportunity for consumer feedback or engagement. With the introduction of various social media platforms, marketing has evolved into consumer engagement, and brand messages are no longer one-way conversations.


At Blacksmith Digital, we work with our clients to establish a social media marketing plan with measurable goals. Our team of expert socialites will work to drive sales and referrals while maximizing your business’s engagement and complementing your overall business objectives.

Thinking Through What You’re About to Say

We invest the necessary time to get to know our clients target market and business goals. Our social media strategies are effective and efficient, and give your business the opportunity to build trust and loyalty.


There is a lot of gray area surrounding social media marketing, especially when it comes to lead generation and effectiveness. We believe that with the right strategy, not just testing the waters, but developing a clear plan with measurable goals provides a cost-effective way to connect with your audience, boost brand awareness, and drive traffic to your website.

Don’t be Shy Join the Conversation

Social media marketing can have many different goals and strategies. But one thing remains constant. Social media marketing is about communicating with your audience in a strategic way. Whether your goal is to increase brand recognition or create a platform to share company news, social media enables you to engage and communicate with your target audience.


Consumers are constantly researching, debating, rating and reviewing brands. Are they talking about your brand? If so, what are they saying? Should you respond? And if they are not talking about you, how can you engage them and start a conversation? This is where we come in. With the ability to target a social group based on a descriptive set of criteria, our social media team finds and engages your audience with strategic messages and viral, word-of-mouth initiatives. We will create, maintain, and monitor your social presence to ensure all opportunities or threats are addressed.

Is Any of this Making a Difference?

Social media allows for a great depth of tracking and measuring different metrics. It also allows you to be be quick and nimble at a moments notice. We thoroughly track key performance indicators to ensure relationships are being fostered and information is shared. From Likes and Follows to leads generated, we create reports and act upon results in real-time.


By integrating your website with analytics tracking, we will be able to watch the number of loyal visitors climb – and your brand’s popularity.

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