Optimize Your Site for Search Engines

SEO is an Obligation Not an Option

Blacksmith Digital offers professional SEO services that will increase your website’s rankings in search engines. With a search engine optimized website, your business is on track to becoming stronger and more profitable.


Search engines are constantly evolving. Currently, search engines like Google and Bing analyze over 200 different factors in order to determine how a website will rank for a specific search query.  How does your website rank?


It is critical that your website is found online when prospects are searching for your products or services in their city, state, or industry.  SEO is the key to make this happen. Our SEO process involves 7 steps, which when executed skillfully will begin your website’s ascent to success.

Identify Business Objectives

Every business’s goals and needs are different, and so are websites. Your website should be in sync with your overall business objectives and play an integral role in your marketing strategy. We will work together to identify your online business objectives, whether it is lead generation or customer support, and then incorporate them into SEO strategy.

Site Analysis & Audit

The site analysis and audit is the foundation to SEO. The on-site analysis and audit provides an evaluation of all of the on-page SEO factors that impact rankings, including content, design, coding characteristics, interlinking, keyword selection, and more. Our findings will form the basis to the SEO plan, and include actionable recommendations to improve on-page optimization which can immediately improve online visibility.

Keyword Discovery & Analysis

Keywords are essentially the terms you want your website to rank for on Google. Some terms are highly competitive and broad, while others are less competitive and very specific. When we perform keyword discovery and analysis, we will determine which keywords your business’s website should be targeting.

On-Page Optimization

On-page optimization deals with aspects related directly to your website, its architecture, content, and code structure. In order for a website to succeed in SEO if needs to be search engine friendly so that important ranking factors are easily recognized and recorded by search engines.  When we perform on-page optimization we will use the information gathered from step 2 and 3 and implement our recommendations, including updating the robots.txt file, improving navigation, tweaking Meta tags, removing duplicate content, enhancing internal linking, increasing keyword density, and more.

Off-Page Optimization

Off-page optimization is basically how your website is connected throughout the world wide. Links from other authoritative websites to yours are worth their weight in gold, and they can be the difference between success and failure online. SEO link building, or the quest for quality back links, is one of the most challenging and time consuming aspects of SEO and online marketing in general. We excel at the art and science of link building and are ready to help your website succeed.

Establish Baselines

It’s critical that you establish a SEO baseline for your website and individual pages. You need to know where your site ranks in a relevant Google search, especially in a search of one of your targeted terms.


The goal is to rank high on the first page, but you can’t climb the ranks overnight. So, with close monitoring, you can analyze how effective your SEO efforts are in comparison to where you started and where you are now.


We will prepare keyword ranking reports which will be updated regularly so you can see improvements and keep us accountable.

Analytics & Performance Tracking

Google provides a wealth of analytics for your website which allows us to prepare detailed reports on how your website is performing. For example, we will be able to tell you how many people visited your website from a specific city, what keywords they used to find the site, what pages the viewed, and if they completed a defined goal, such as emailing you.


Every month we will prepare a detailed report that provides you with the necessary stats you need to make informed decisions and analyze performance.

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