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Paid Search Works… Let’s Make it Work for You

Pay-Per-Click Marketing (PPC), also known as paid search advertising, is a guaranteed way to immediately increase targeted traffic to your website.  By displaying text and/or image ads on search engine result pages and throughout a network of 1,000s of websites, you are able to zero in on your target audience with relevant and engaging advertisements.


With PPC, we define exactly who can and cannot see your ads. For example, if you sell “big blue widgets” in Gotham City, you can make it so your ads appear on the search engine results page only when someone searches “big blue widgets” and is located in Gotham City. Every time one of your ads is clicked you are charged.


PPC campaigns involve relatively low start-up costs and allow you to control the exact cost of advertising. If you don’t want to exceed $500 dollars in ad costs, then you won’t, it’s that simple. So, if you are looking for an immediate increase in traffic, than PPC is your best option. Plus, the quick processing time allows you to ramp up promotional efforts and/or launch time sensitive campaigns.


The rate of return on PPC investment can reach triple digits. But to achieve such a high return, the PPC campaign must be constantly monitored and optimized to maximize results. Our PPC managers have years of experience and have been optimizing and running campaigns across all industries, ensuring that you get the best return on your investment.
At Blacksmith Digital, we work with PPC clients in a four phased approach to success.

Evaluation & Strategy

PPC campaigns can be used for many different marketing strategies, but mainly for lead/sales generation. Depending on your business goals and budget, we will develop a PPC strategy that targets your audience and drives traffic to your website.

Account Set-Up

The proper set-up of a PPC campaign is of the utmost importance. The last thing you want is to waste money on unwanted clicks. Effective campaign set-up begins with selecting the right keywords that will give you the best return on your investment. We select keywords by researching what your target audience searches, and compile a comprehensive list of phrases which we can expand on or narrow down at any time.

We select keywords that represent the search habits of real buyers and interested prospects, not people at the early stages of the buying cycle.  With clear, concise ads that attract the searcher’s attention, we drive qualified prospects to your website.

Optimization & Monitoring

PPC campaigns cannot to be set to auto pilot, at least not if you want to maximize returns. Successful campaigns require a deep analysis of PPC data and website interactions, including:


Keywords selection – test new keywords and/or remove ones that are performing poorly.


Keyword match type – select if an ad should appear according to an exact keyword match or keyword variation.


Negative keywords – choose keywords which prevent ads from showing.


Ad content –write and test new ad language to see what makes prospects click.


Landing page – define which page you should funnel ad traffic to. And determine if the page’s design and content is conducive to convert a visitor into a lead or sale.


Click-through rate – analyze the rate of ad/keyword impressions to clicks.


Conversion rate – discover and review the rate at which a paid website visitor becomes a lead/sale.


According to the data we collect and study, we regularly make PPC campaign updates based on hard data, not guesses. This results in a campaign that constantly improves and increases the return on investment.

Performance ROI Evaluation

PPC campaigns are designed to be completely transparent.  There is a wealth of data we can provide, but when it comes to a key performance indicator and ROI evaluation, really only one statistic matters – cost per conversion, also known as cost of acquiring 1 customer or lead.  Fortunately, all major PPC platforms provide this statistic in real-time.


Cost Per Conversion Explained

Each keyword you select to trigger one of your ads has an associated cost. For example, the keyword “big blue widgets” costs $1 per click. That means every time someone clicks on your ad after searching “big blue widgets” you are charged $1. And if in a one month period the keyword results in 100 clicks, you will receive 100 website visitors at a cost of $100. Of the 100 website visitors, 5 of them bought a big blue widget on your website. The PPC campaign then received 5 conversions with a conversion rate of 5%.   And the cost per conversions would be $20.


Cost per conversion can also be applied to a single keyword, ad, or across the entire campaign.

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