Logo Design

Create a Unique and Memorable Business I.D.

Design for Meaning and Purpose

At Blacksmith Digital, we design logos to make your business stand out among the competition. By capturing the essence of your business in its simplest form – a word mark or icon – our logos give your business a memorable I.D. that supports your brand message.


Logos should identify  not attempt to explain your business.  Your logo is not meant to be your brand. In fact, great logos inherit their meaning from the brand, not the other way around. Many businesses step into the dreaded pitfall of wanting a logo that literally describes what the business does, rather than having the goal of business identification. This must be avoided.


Our logo design process ensures that your logo creates a unique and memorable business I.D. that supports your overall marketing objectives and adds value to your brand. At Blacksmith Digital, our logo designs are heavily scrutinized and critiqued even before the client sees them. Our team of designers and branding experts revise logos to create a business identification that is creative, strategic, and memorable.

Creative Brief

We work closely with our clients to learn about their specifics needs, ideas, goals, and overall business objectives. With a one-on-one interview, we are able to gather the required information needed to generate a detailed creative brief. The brief describes goals, creative direction, likes/dislikes, and establishes design requirements/guidelines.  Before the logo design starts, the client has the opportunity to review the brief to ensure the creative direction is in line with what they want.

Competitive Analysis

We perform thorough competitive research in order to ensure your logo is recognizable and unique in your market. Also, we’ll review the market to identify any trends or clichés to avoid.

Design Concepts

After learning about your business and listening to the creative direction you want, we can begin the conceptual design phase. Our designers each work a little differently; some like to start by sketching on paper, while others prefer to go directly to the computer. Either way, each logo begins with multiple concepts until we arrive to the “a-ha” moment where we discover a concept meant for you business’s identity. Our inspiration is not forced. We take the necessary time to refine and polish the design to ensure your logo is memorable and unique.


During the concept phase, we will create 10+ logo designs, but we will select the best 3-5 logos to present. Initially, the logos are presented in black and white. Starting with a black and white logo is easier to address challenges or concerns without the distraction of other colors.

Font Selection

There are 1,000s of font types to choose from, and selecting the right one for you logo is very important. Great logos are formed when the right design concept and font type are matched together. We research, consider, and test 100s of different fonts with the design concepts. But ultimately, a decision must be made, and we present you with several good choices to select from.

Color Scheme

Color theory plays an important role in selecting the colors of your logo. Our designers are experts at matching your brand’s meaning and personality with different color combinations. We will guide you through the process of choosing colors, and provide you with different logo versions using potential color schemes.


We are flexible when it comes to revisions. Ultimately, we want the client to be satisfied with their logo. Typically, we provide 3 rounds or revisions during the concept stage. And since we present various font types, and color schemes, the client has the ability to choose the one which they like best. And if they don’t see one they like, we can always work out an agreement to continue to show more options until they are satisfied.

Complementary Materials  

After the logo design is complete, we are able to create a full corporate identity package for the client, including business card, letterhead, and envelopes. We regularly work with clients to shape their entire brand identity.

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