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Email marketing campaigns have the potential to reach thousands of prospects and/or customers in a matter of seconds, and its capabilities are constantly evolving. In the beginning, email marketing was seen as a great form of mass outreach. But now, email marketing has morphed into a mainstay in targeted marketing strategy as it consistently delivers solid ROI. The DMA (Direct Marketing Association) puts email marketing ROI for 2011 at $40.56 for every $1 invested. It is scheduled to ‘fall’ to $36.40 by 2014.


Achieving such a high return on your email marketing investment is not easy. It requires careful planning, efficient data management and list segmentation, strong creative, effective copy, and calls-to-action that drive visitors to landing pages that convert. Plus, many minute tactics and strategies must be utilized when sending emails or it can be the difference in success or failure.


At Blacksmith Digital, we are email marketing experts. We work closely with our clients to develop an email marketing strategy that supports their overall marketing objectives and works towards accomplishing long-term business goals. Whether it is a monthly newsletter or automated lead nurturing campaign, we have the expertise to create and execute an email marketing campaign for your business.

List Import & Validation

Email marketing lists must be cleaned and validated.  All email addresses/recipients that have unsubscribed, opted out or have previously recorded a hard bounce should be removed. A clean email list will greatly improve your deliverability and avoid spam filters.


Once the list is completely validated, we will import your list into an email marketing platform. Whether you currently use ConstantContact, MailChimp, or the likes of, or want to have one integrated with your CRM, we are able to meet your specific needs and use the platform of your choice. We have experience working in all the major platforms and have performed complex integrations.

Strategy & Segmentation

Setting email marketing strategy that supports your overall marketing goals is invaluable. One-off emails or mass emails with no goal other than to send them because you know email marketing is important will not produce the results you need and want.


Most likely your email list will be a combination of prospects, customers, partners and general business contacts. You need to segment your email list so you can target each type of person with relevant content, offers, announcements, etc.  At Blacksmith Digital, we develop email strategies tailored to each segment as this is what it takes to produce results.  For example, we target prospects with emails that help guide them through the sales process, or create product announcements to up-sell and/or cross-sell to your existing customer base.

Template Design & Coding

Email marketing platforms offer free templates, but if you want to stand out from the crowd and present your business in a professional manner, you need an email marketing template that is in sync with your corporate identity and delivers a look and feel consistent with your marketing message. Our designers create email templates that look great in all email clients and are easy to update. We are proficient in email design and coding requirements that ensure your emails are delivered and calls-to-actions are seen.

Content & Copywriting

Don’t underestimate the value of good copy writing. Being able to clearly, concisely, and quickly deliver your message to readers is crucial. You have a very limited amount of time to make the reader decide if they want to continue reading or close the email and move on. Our skilled copywriters are experts in transforming complex topics into easily digestible sound bites that hammer in your main features and benefits. Plus, strong calls-to-actions will make sure that your emails drive traffic to your website.


Email marketing execution requires lots of practice, and we have more than enough. We know the dreadful pitfalls to avoid, and we don’t make errors that can get your emails sent to the Spam folder. We carefully execute all email marketing campaigns by following a detailed schedule which we set before beginning the first email. Plus, with A/B split testing, we are able to determine with which copy, design and segments work best.

Return on Investment Analysis

You can’t take an email to the bank, but you can take earned revenue from a successful campaign. We create and execute campaigns the produce results and drive revenue. After sending an email or completing a campaign, we will dig deep into the data and analysis ROI down to the penny.

Repeat: Campaign Value

Email marketing is all about strategic frequency – knowing when and how often to send emails to your segmented lists, because it might not be until the 3rd, 4th, or 10th email that the reader converts. So, with findings from analyzing the results of each email and campaign, we are able to determine the optimal sending frequency which maximizes results.

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