Customer Experience

Personalization & Relevancy at Every Touchpoint

Adopt An Experiential Mindset

To engage “Consumer 2.0” content must be delivered with a personalized experience across all digital channels. At Blacksmith Digital, we realize the need for some of our clients to shift from a traditional campaign-centric view of the market to one of continuous consumer engagement.


When we work with clients on optimizing and improving their customer experience, we thoroughly research and analyze all “customer intelligence” – captured data throughout the entire customer lifecycle. We use customer specific data to create an experience that makes relevant content and offers available when and where they want them.


The customer experience is affected by every interaction with the company and brand. Whether it’s a conversation with a customer service rep or a Facebook post, we recognize the importance of each touchpoint and utilize our expertise in customer intelligence to improve the customer experience.

All Customers are Not Created Equal

Businesses need to realize that not all customers are created equal, and they definitely should not be treated equally.  Customers care about the experience brands create, not where the experience takes place. It doesn’t matter if it is a direct mail piece or an email newsletter; customers want the message or offer to be constant across channels, and tailored to them. We work with clients to deliver a seamless and consistent customer experience from emails to support line to website.  And with captured data, we are able to create messages for specific customer segments that are customized to their past behavior and intent.

Personalize Your Message

Consumers will begin to take control of their personal data making it more difficult for brands to find and engage them. In the near future, businesses will need to shift from outbound marketing to inbound marketing, so instead of pushing content to the consumer, they will need attract consumers and pull them in. And once the “pull” effect starts, it’s key that their intent is not lost. We work with businesses to help them meet the customers’ expectations and utilize customer intelligence to provide relevant content with value.

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