Collateral Design

Give Your Sales Team a Competitive Advantage

Collateral Design Process

Collateral Matters

At Blacksmith Digital, we help businesses create a consistent voice and professional appearance with unified marketing collateral.  Our marketing collateral is designed to support the sales cycle of your business. By arming your sales team with material that clearly communicates quality and value at every touch point, you can successfully guide and nurture prospects into becoming a customer.


Marketing collateral needs to be logically organized, clearly written, and professionally designed. When a prospect has been identified and/or targeted, businesses must not lose the opportunity to convert a lead into a sale. Especially if the lead shows interest, do not let them fall through the cracks. Take advantage of every opportunity you have and utilize effective collateral that increases your chance of closing.


Your business’s success depends on how well you can communicate your core message, brand values, and what you have to offer. Our team of copywriters and designers can transform your business’s sales and marketing goals into collateral that supports broader objectives. With clear copy that delivers your message and professional design that impresses, our marketing collateral will give your sales team a competitive edge.

Types of Collateral

The evolution of marketing has transformed a trade once dominated by printed material into one engrossed in the Internet. Internet marketing offers undeniable benefits, but printed marketing collateral still has its rightful place. However altered it has become, print communication can be a ally in helping make a sale, win a customer, and support online efforts.


There are many different types of marketing collateral businesses can choose to utilize. Whether it’s a business card or brochure, each piece serves a purpose. But it is not enough to only have a critical piece of collateral; it’s more about how and what the piece of collateral communicates through written word and design.


From a company fact sheet to a 500 page catalog, our designers and writers create effective communication platforms that produce results.


Below are few examples of collateral we have experience writing and designing:


  • Company Fact Sheet
  • Product or Service Fact Sheet
  • Sell sheet
  • Flier
  • Brochure
  • Print Ad
  • Press kit
  • Signage
  • White papers
  • Annual reports
  • Direct mail
  • Catalog
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