Branding Architecture

Increase Brand Equity with a Cohesive Hierarchy

Brand Architecture

Develop Your Brands Blueprint

Strategic brand architecture is the key to scalability and lasting power. At Blacksmith Digital we design brand architecture that is logical, efficient, and protects value, while being sustainable for today and the future.


Brand architecture is more a requirement for medium size and large businesses with a portfolio of brands, products, or services.  At the core of a well designed brand architecture is a defined hierarchy with the ‘parent’ brand at the top. Effective hierarchies clearly identify and organize different products, brands, services, and even business units, into a framework that supports long term strategies and goals, and complements the parent brand’s equity.


In order to leverage the strength of the general parent brand and maximize the value of the individual brands, a business needs to be proactive and create a brand architecture with perfect clarity and a core brand identity.  The last thing a business wants is to create conflicting brand values or messages which can ultimately damage their overall brand equity.

Understand What Set’s Your Brand Apart

Brand architecture begins with the discovering of parent brand’s identity. By analyzing and researching our client’s brands, competition, marketing and brand strategies, and target audience, we are able to identify the brand fundamentals, and realize its purpose, promise, values, and voice. These key assets help us refine and communicate the broader vision of the company as a whole.


With a clearly defined parent brand, we are able to look more closely at the individual brands and analyze which products or services complement the brand as a whole, and which require adjustments to be more in sync with the greater brand identity, values, and core message.


Individual product assessment under the guidance of the parent brand’s framework enables us to establish a brand architecture that our clients can follow and effectively manage their brand portfolio.

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